Groupe Rouillard Frères has been involved in the Sugar Cane Industry in the North of the island since 1837. Our activities were and still are essentially split between two domaines – Mon Loisir Rouillard at Petit Raffray and Sans Souci at Anse La Raie.

Recently, our group has sought to diversify its activities from being primarily a Sugar Cane growing company to an agricultural and landscaping services company. Over the last 15 years, the group has pioneered the propagation of endemic and indigenous plants. Endemika, which is the biggest endemic plants nursery on the island is today open to the public and has provided plants to various projects around the island.

As part of its diversification, Groupe Rouillard Frères have started developing part of their land holding into residential morcellements. Clos de la Forêt, one of our latest developments, is now completed at Petit Raffray.

A new project at Sans Souci is the natural progression of the group’s diversification and seeks to release agriculturally unproductive land to more economically productive endeavours. The vision of the group is to provide an up market real estate development which will allow for a publicly accessible commercial/retail area, various residential plots and built up units immersed into their natural setting. This development is the furtherance of the group’s long term social and commercial commitment to the North and will stand as a legacy of the group to Mauritius and the North in particular.